Laurence Rosen / Upper South Studio

About the Artist

Laurence Rosen


Laurence Rosen on the first floor of Upper South Studio.

Laurence Rosen on the first floor of Upper South Studio.

From the Artist's Perspective

"I started out in school wanting to be a city planner. My particular area of interest was political economy and urbanism in developing countries. While a student, I worked in Brazil and New Haven, Connecticut. I enjoyed my studies, but couldn’t abide the everydayness of the practice of city planning.

While still at Yale, I met the painter, Jack Youngerman. A wonderful guy. He invited Susan and me to live in his loft in New York City the  summer we got married. He went to Bridgehampton.

Through Jack, I was introduced to the New York art world. The whole thing was just sensational. Art was natural to me.

Things fell into place without much intention. I was courted and showed paintings with the Andre Emmerich Gallery, while I established
Chiron Press. And, through both, I was able to know and work with great American artists. I was very fortunate.

I started Upper South Studio to integrate and to some extent replicate that New York City formula."

Reflecting on studio spaces Chiron Press was in a loft in NYC, now I have a building in a village in NC. LR