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Rosen on recent work

Select images from <i>Speedism</i>

Select images from Speedism

I grew up down the street from a family friend who kept part of his car collection in his living room. It was sensational. A Mies Van der Rohe glass cube with a kitchen, Bauhaus furniture, and one of a kind Bugattis, Ferraris, Maseratis—sitting on the marble floor. No sculpture in the Art Institute of Chicago was as beautiful as his 1934 ultramarine blue Bugatti prototype.

I’m currently working on a series of pictures that use aspects of race cars: their forms, colors, graphic complexity and outdoor scale. I am exploring a true American regional vernacular with roots in the South. In many ways, modernism—as an intellectual movement—bypassed the American South. Perhaps custom hot rods and stock car racing might qualify as authentic Southern Cultural expressions of a modern sensibility. The pictures are my version of having a car in my living room.