Laurence Rosen / Upper South Studio

Classic Upper South is an ever expanding archive of designs, by Rosen, composed free of project specifications or boundaries. more


There are over 375 designs in our Upper South Classics line.
The majority were composed free of any project criteria. Upper South
Studio was built on a body of work that continues to expand originality
in a very populated field of design with an ancient history.

For Laurence Rosen, the question is always, can we add something
fresh and new to that heap of decorative history. Perhaps not. But
the challenge is always intriguing and worthwhile and always enjoyable.
The structure of pattern making shares the idea of motif only with music and poetry. The repetition of discrete events as a picture making device
is as old as mankind.

Rosen, formally trained at the Yale School of Art and Architecture
and exposed to classic Greek Antiquity as an Artist in Residence at
the excavations at Mycenae, Greece, positions Upper South Studio
in the history of art, anthropology and archaeology.